ANGULATION — noun Date: 1869  27 Oct 2015 Aortic neck angulation influences the accuracy of endograft placement and long- term endovascular abdominal aortic repair outcome. To date, a  Introduction: The purpose of this study was to develop a methodology to measure the mesiodistal angulation and the faciolingual inclination of each whole tooth  28 май 2014 Show angulation lines - рисовать линии ангуляции. Show info - показывать дополнительную информацию (градус ангуляции, точки  Dorsal angulation of the articular surface of the radius was measured on the lateral view as the angle between a line connecting the dorsal and palmar lips of the  Definition of Angulation · the precise measurement of angles · the act of making angulate (having corners). Make the most of rear angulation in this short film. Some of the UK's top groomers give their tips on how to achieve the perfect balance and shape, using the dog's  The CORA and the correction axis lie in the same location but the osteotomy is proximal or distal to that location; the bone realigns through both angulation and   The accuracy of measuring angulation of stable proximal humerus fractures using the axillary lateral projection was investigated.


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Cookies help us deliver our services. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. Four methods for measuring volar angulation in 5th metacarpal neck fractures were tested for validity and reliability. Mid-medullary canal measurement in the lateral view (method MC-90) has previously been proven valid in a cadaveric study, hence used as a reference to test validity of the latter three. n hips with SCFE and contralateral hips. Methods: Eighteen hips in 18 patients with SCFE were included in the analysis.

The position of the dental x-ray tube head in the vertical plane, measured in degrees. The central ray is directed perpendicular to the film and the tooth when using the paralleling imaging technique. Errors in calculating the vertical angulation produce elongated or foreshortened images.



a position for traversing a slope in which the skis are edged into the hill by bending the knees toward the hill and leaning the upper body away from the hill, with all weight on the downhill ski. Angulation refers to the lateral movements of creating angles at the ankles, knees, hips and spine 1, but it is commonly used to reference hip angulation. Its purpose is edging and balancing over the outside ski and it usually manifests itself in a "stable core" or calm upper body , since the torso tends to look upright while the skis swing and turn underneath: Fracture angulation describes a specific type of fracture displacement where the normal axis of the bone has been altered such that the distal portion of the bone points off in a different direction. Angulation is described using words like: dorsal/palmar; varus/valgus; radial/ulnar Force applied to the angulation knobs turn the pulleys which pull the wires as they wind themselves up.

Angulation of hindquarters balances that of forequarters. 4. Exaggerated angulation is as faulty as too little. adj. Having angles or an angular shape. tr.
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2013-07-02 anterior angulation of the coccyx; muscles of the abdomen and pelvis. diaphragm. sternocostal triangle; anterior abdominal wall. Scarpa's fascia; muscles. external oblique muscle.

B. No. S. angulation , Существительное angulation / angulations , угловая конструкция , поворот. Angulation Technique when Snowboarding.
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CORA (CENTER OF ROTATION OF ANGULATION) Dr Q M Morshed Mahbub Abir MS Resident, NITOR 2. LIMB ALIGNMENT • assessment of the frontal plane mechanical axis of the entire limb rather than single bones • Mechanical axis deviation (MAD) is measured as the distance from the knee joint center to the line connecting the joint centers of the hip and ankle. angulation Add to list Share · noun.

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Index Terms Starting With 'A' (Angulation).

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(ˌæŋɡjʊˈleɪʃən ) noun. 1. an angular formation. 2. the precise measurement of angles.